Prices current as of 04/01/2018.  Subject to change without notice.

To place a custom order, send an email to support(at)ruefish(dot)com and include the following information:
First and Last Name Username: File Name: (example: user_001_1.jpg)
Button Size 
Quantity (10 minimum)
Magnet/mirror/bottle opener/coaster upgrade (if applicable) 
Shipping Address

We'll send you an invoice and once it's paid in full, your order is officially "placed" and will be queued for production.  ​
Please note that due to the customized nature of our products, all sales are final.  This means no cancellations, no modifications, no refunds, no returns and no exchanges once your order has been placedPlease double check your work before submitting your order as Red Fish Rue Fish is not responsible for customer submitted errors.

Prices current as of 1/4/2016.  Subject to change without notice.